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Pillow Protectors


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Pillow Protectors


Pillow Protectors

from 14.00

Whether jacquard or silky smooth sateen, pillow protectors are indispensable in keeping your pillows healthy and intact. A pillow protector will keep your pillow clean at all times, and when you wash one, put another one on in the meantime. You will extend the life of your pillow easily this way, and protect against mites, other pests, dirt and general carelessness. (Oh, no, not you!) ;)

Tip: Purchase one in each style to tell your pillow apart from your partner's. It saves a lot of angst, we speak from experience. One stripe, one solid, one happy marriage.

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  • Boudoir - 12x16
  • Standard - 20x26
  • King - 20x36
  • Euro - 26 x 26